Genealogical Heritage

From Europe to New France by way of England’s North American colonies and British rule in Canada to the present. Of historical interest, this database amalgamates amongst many others the lineages of Acadia Governor Charles de Saint-Étienne de La Tour, Baron Jean-Vincent d’Abbadie de Saint-Castin, Mathieu Le Neuf du Hérisson, François de Billy, Louis d’Amours, Antoinette de Longueval, Catherine de Baillon, Hugues du Pont, Antoine d'Ailleboust, Florimond de Biencourt, Philippe Mius d'Entremont with those of the Hilton family (founders of Dover in New Hampshire) whose feudal aristocratic ancestries include most medieval Royal Houses.



Governance Oversight

  • Investigating entitlement and corruption issues that permeate an ethically bankrupt Canadian federal Public Service.
  • Identifying disingenuous elected officials who manipulate their political agenda within a self-serving culture of rampant institutional cronyism.
  • Providing a reflective alternative to the mainstream media which is regrettably all too often compromised by spin — and occasionally even guilty of deliberately withholding the truth.



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