Godbout – Racicot / LeBeuf – LaHaye




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allerdale, Sigrid of  Abt 1085Scotland I17145
2 Angus, Finnghuala of  Abt 1036Scotland I4724
3 d'Avenal, Isabel  Abt 1145Scotland I4971
4 Dalriada, Alpin of  778Scotland I4659
5 Daniel, David  Abt 1636Scotland I10332
6 England, Matilda of  Abt 1070Scotland I8303
7 FitzMaldred, Maldred  Abt 1042Scotland I17517
8 Huntingdon, Henry of  1115Scotland I3826
9 Johnson, Guillaume  Scotland I11394
10 Mac Duff, Gruoch  Abt 1018Scotland I4721
11 Mac Mael-Brighdi, Gillecomgain  Abt 1005Scotland I4722
12 Mac Ruaidhrí, Fíndlàech  Abt 982Scotland I4719
13 Scotland, Àed King of  840Scotland I4703
14 Scotland, Alexander I King of  1077Scotland I4570
15 Scotland, Boede Mac Duff of  Abt 990Scotland I4717
16 Scotland, Constantine I Mac Cináeda King of  836Scotland I4655
17 Scotland, Constantine II Mac Áeda King of  874Scotland I4705
18 Scotland, Constantine III Mac Cuilén King of  971Scotland I4713
19 Scotland, Cuilén Mac Illuilb King of  Abt 932Scotland I4711
20 Scotland, David I King of  1080Scotland I3828
21 Scotland, Donald I Mac Alpin King of  812Scotland I4702
22 Scotland, Donald II Mac Causantín King of  862Scotland I4653
23 Scotland, Dubh Mac Máíl Choluim King of  930Scotland I4709
24 Scotland, Duncan II Máíl Choluim King of  1060Scotland I4566
25 Scotland, Edgar King of  1074Scotland I4569
26 Scotland, Ermengarde de Beaumont Queen of  Abt 1165Scotland I4575
27 Scotland, Indulph Mac Causantín King of  Abt 900Scotland I4707
28 Scotland, Kenneth I Mac Alpin King of  810Scotland I4657
29 Scotland, Kenneth II Mac Máíl Choluim King of  932Scotland I4649
30 Scotland, Kenneth III Mac Duff King of  962Scotland I4714
31 Scotland, Lulach Mac Gilla Comgain King of  1029Scotland I4723
32 Scotland, Macbeth King of  1005Scotland I3832
33 Scotland, Malcolm I Mac Domnaill King of  897Scotland I4651
34 Scotland, Malcolm II Mac Cináeda King of  954Scotland I4621
35 Scotland, Malcolm IV King of  20 Mar 1141Scotland I4573
36 Scotland, Mary of  Abt 1082Scotland I4008
37 Scotland, William I King of  1143Scotland I4574
38 Warren, James  1621Scotland I5160


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 England, Edgar Ætheling King of  1125Scotland I4361
2 Finnsdóttir, Ingibjörg  Abt 1066Scotland I4562
3 Mac Mael-Brighdi, Gillecomgain  1032Scotland I4722
4 Mac Ruaidhrí, Fíndlàech  1020Scotland I4719
5 Mar, Isabel of  Bef 1302Scotland I4675
6 Northumbria, Sibyl FitzSiward of  1070Scotland I3831
7 Scotland, Ermengarde de Beaumont Queen of  4 Feb 1233Scotland I4575
8 Stewart, Mary  1458Scotland I8009
9 Stewart, Sir James  Aft 1451Scotland I6971


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 de Brus / de Clare  12 May 1240Scotland F2374
2 Douglas / Sibbald  1445Scotland F4060
3 Douglas / Stewart  Bef 1390Scotland F3629
4 Douglas / Stewart  24 May 1397Scotland F4058
5 Hamilton / Stewart  Abt 1473Scotland F3558
6 Huntingdon / de Kevelioc  26 Aug 1190Scotland F2372
7 Mac Mael-Brighdi / Mac Duff  Abt 1029Scotland F2392
8 Mac Ruaidhrí / Scotland  1004Scotland F2390
9 Scotland / Angus  Abt 1050Scotland F2394
10 Scotland / Dunbar  Abt 1094Scotland F2309
11 Scotland / Huntingdon  1113Scotland F1928
12 Scotland / Mac Duff  Abt 1039Scotland F2393
13 Scotland / Mar  Abt 1295Scotland F2368
14 Scotland / Mure  1336Scotland F2366
15 Scotland / Northumbria  1030Scotland F1929
16 Scotland / Scotland  1107Scotland F2311
17 Stewart / Scotland  2 Mar 1315Scotland F2367
18 Stuart / Stewart  29 Jan 1512Scotland F3552

Marriage Contract

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   Family    Marriage Contract    Family ID 
1 Stuart / Stewart  19 Jan 1512Scotland F3552